Shoppers don’t know your unique value. Yet.

How to captivate shoppers on your ecommerce fashion website & get them to become passionate buyers…

You have 15 seconds before a shopper forms an opinion about your brand online.

Most stores don’t make a good impression in time. They don’t communicate well enough.

That's why FashionImpact exists: to transform sustainable fashion & beauty websites into expressive sales machines that keep people coming back over and over again.

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The Problem

Most online stores blend in.

And so sales aren’t going up. The ads aren’t working well. You’re not standing out enough and shoppers can’t get excited about your brand or see what makes you special.

You’re unique. One of a kind.
It's communicating it that's a struggle.

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What’s it take to stand out?

Successful online stores know who they’re talking to and what to say to them, to sell. They don’t make people click around boring templated sites that don’t express your mission.

If visitors could see your brand’s value as clearly as you do, how many more sales would you make?
How much more impact could you make?

The Product

What’s Fashion Impact?

It is a unique kind of website for sustainable fashion and beauty brands that helps them stand out and sell better, so they can make more impact.

People say it’s like having a siren-call that grows their businesses by getting into the heads and hearts of their visitors so that they’ll keep coming back for more. Delivered in 8 weeks with a lifetime warranty.

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Who are we talking to?

Good marketing is good communication.
And that requires knowing who we’re talking to.

In this stage we will…



Identify where your best customers are & what to say so they’ll reveal themselves.


Objective Match

Reverse-engineer how you can achieve your goals by helping them achieve theirs.


Circle of Trust

Get into their circle of trust and stay there, while kicking out your competitors.


What is their story?

Visitors want to hear their story, not your story.
Show them how you fit into it for the better.

In this stage we will…


Open their world

Break their expectation of a sales pitch by focusing on them, not you.


Enter their world

Tell their story with empathy and understanding, so that they’ll trust the narrative.


Become a leader

Lead your audience toward the best next step for them from a place of trust.


Tell their story.

Now we know what the story is, we must tell it to them viscerally and memorably so that they’ll engage.

In this stage we will…

Plan illustration base
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We take the clarity from the first sections and turn it into a full plan of attack for your new website.

We dive into your company data, we dive into your competitors and your market so that we know exactly what opportunities are available to us.

Once we’ve explored the different directions we could take, we refine the winning opportunities into a single, unified action plan that we’ll use for the rest of the process.

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Write a timeless message

The best strategy or design in the world won’t save bad content. If the words don’t hook and engage the visitor, the visitor leaves.

In this step, we express the communication strategy defined in the previous steps.

Your website’s content is written using a professional, empathic, relatable and conversion-focused language.

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Stand out & express your story

Great design understands its goal: to tell the message and achieve the mission.

Inthis step, we create a professional, custom design based on your unique narrative, designed to express your story and encourage site conversions.

This will be an immersive experience that people will remember.


Flexible, sophisticated eCommerce

Your store needs an eCommerce system that helps you grow.
No ‘apps’ to nickel-and-dime you, no integration problems.

WordPress & WooCommerce

The fastest growing, flexible ecommerce platform combined with the most popular website platform in the world, coupled with premium add-ons for advanced reporting, product management, subscriptions, coupon delivery, and more.

Plus we provide training on how to make maximum use of the platforms so you can sell effectively whether you’re new or a veteran.

Order flow & Shipping process

We’ve included sophisticated table rate shipping control, shipping integration and tracking with DHL and ShipStation, and all the major gateways your shoppers could want.

And if you need more integrations, let us know and we’ll look into them for you.

Persuasion & Conversion

Up-sell product add-ons let you increase order size. URL-based coupons make advertising discounts a breeze (while hiding coupon fields to prevent people abandoning in search of discounts).

Multi-currency support, real-time dynamic search, and Google Tag Manager integration mean you’ll make shopping both easy to do, and easy to track.

Integrate with your financial tools

Xero, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Desktop can be integrated with your store for easy financial management.

We’ve even included PDF invoice generation, packing slip generation, and easy customer/order exporting so you always have the data you need to run your business effectively.

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Email marketing support

Monitor–and respond to–every page they visit, email they open, and link they click. Automate your responses so that every impression is your best impression.

In this step, we configure your base email marketing architecture, setting it up to engage your opt-ins automatically.

You receive a full ActiveCampaign account, where you have full access to add and edit your own emails alongside those we create for you.

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Easy to edit, built to last

The difference between good code and bad code can be the difference between favorable SEO or being penalized, fast load times or slow, high user confidence or low, glitches or no glitches.

In this step, we develop your website using refined, tried-and-tested development processes that ensure great SEO, fast load-times, responsivety, and no glitches or hickups.

Support icon

Here to support you

We’ll support your BuiltForImpact site until the end of the Internet.

And if you have any questions, we’ll be available to help you find the answers you need, be it technical or strategic.

We’re here for you.

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Hosted for you (or host it yourself)

Most websites degrade over time through lack of patches, upgrades, and care.

We negotiated preferential pricing with web hosting and email marketing providers to bring you the BuiltForImpact Platform, which is a centralized, actively managed environment for your new site.

If anything breaks or glitches–ever–we’ll fix it for free. All while getting better value for your dollar.

“A percentage of everything our clients invest in us goes straight to fighting human trafficking.

It's the fastest growing crime in the world.

Together, we can make a difference…”

Adam Fairhead
Fairhead Group

What people are saying about this content…

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This is exceptional. You created something that resonated with me on a deep, personal level. It’s helped me solidify my vision and communicate more clearly.

– Guy W, Coach
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“500% return for my fashion store”

They put their clients before self-service which I’m yet to experience anywhere else. I can trust these guys to do whatever it takes to make me move forward. I have 3-5X ROI and +269.2% conversions from these principles.

– Prerna A, Fashion Brand Owner
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“This system works for online stores”

I’ve witnessed first-hand how these strategies turn into striking performance increases for online stores. I now leverage them at every opportunity.

– Arnaud S, Serial-Entrepreneur
Head Image

"It's amazing"

It's amazing. Before I met these guys, I was thinking of closing my beauty company. But the affect the work these guys can do–and how it affects my sales–has given me (and my brand) new life.

– Opeyemi A, Beauty Brand Owner
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"Will have you thinking in new ways"

No matter how well you might think that you know the essence of your company, your brand, and your customers, this will have you thinking about all of those things in a way that you haven't before.

– Fran B, Beauty Brand Owner
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"Prospects improved dramatically"

Once I used the mission narrative structure, the quality of prospects improved dramatically. They were often ready to buy by the time they actually reached me.

– Heather P, Business Coach
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“Essential for cause-driven biz”

I’ve seen the systems and strategies inside. This is stuff every cause-driven organization needs to know, yet so few do. This is a must-have.

– Zach H, Entrepreneur
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“Brings my ideas to life”

These strategies bring levels of engagement for my company that we didn’t have before. It brings my ideas to life and engages my visitors.

– Emily L, Entrepreneur
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"Almost get to be in their heads"

It's almost like developing a siren call directly into the hearts and minds of the people that you can best help. So, it's very useful to go through this process whereby you almost get to be in their heads.

– Yvonne H, Business Coach
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“Ideas I never would have thought of”

I took this to help me hone my message. They did an A+ job coaching me, giving me marketing ideas I never would have thought of. The best coaching session I've ever had!!!

– Laurie W, Author

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